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Mar 27



20 years ago in the streets of Miami, Jorge Villamizar, André Lopes, and José Javier Freire joined together to create the legendary Bacilos. Their Tropipop music and unforgettable lyrics have made them a household name in Latin America and abroad. Few music groups have amassed as many iconic and memorable songs as they have, from the Latino holy trinity of Caraluna, Primer Millon and Tabaco y Chanel to "Pasos de Gigante", "Por Hacerme el Bueno", "Perderme Contigo", "Guerras Perdidas" and so many more...The group broke our hearts when they separated in 2007, but just 2 years ago in 2017, they reunited. In 2020, they will be back in NYC and Reading Terminal LIVE for the first time in 12 years! When on stage, Bacilos is electric and will deliver an experience that you will never forget. Join Bacilos for an evening of the best of their past and the surprises they have in store for the present!