Oct 22

Diamond Aces, Take The Fall, Boundaries, Strength in Allies, Centralia, Tavertein

Oct 23

ILL Nino, HED PE, Ultraviolent, Until We Fall, Commonwealth

Oct 25

Illusions of Granduer, Dead Atlantic, Polytheist, Of Virtue, Oshian

Oct 27

Elokk, Casey Slim, Saint, Top IQ, $ammy $now, BassettHound, Emrich & Crimson Muzik, Nexus the League, Kace the Unstoppable, Lil Raz, AB

Nov 03

Earth Diver

Nov 04

Nova, Austin Lowe

Nov 10

Megan Rueger

Nov 18

Carnifex, Rings of Saturn, Entheos, So This Is Suffering, Nights of Malice, Circadian Lapse, Until We Fall, Arcane Way, Perennial, Forward Order, Design the Void

Dec 05

Upon A Burning Body, Slaughter to Prevail, Prison, Dreams of Demise, Twysted Asylum

Dec 10
Feb 24

Budderside, Timebomb, Red Halo, Ozmium 76




Tomorrow night PHIL ANSELMO legendary frontman of Pantera will destroy the Reverb stage with SUPERJOINT! #superjoint #superjointritual #pantera #cowboysfromhell #vulgardisplayofpower #fridaythe13th #readingpa #down

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