May 25

Nino Segarra, Kalson Kitao, Bling, El Palse, Nei-B

May 26

Miss May I, Volumes, Upon A Burning Body, Like Moths to Flames, Sworn In, The White Noise, A Killer's Confession, Convictions, Bodysnatcher, Downswing, Revenge Season, Kaonashi, Wolf Herder, Vitruvia, Breaking Falls, One Day Waiting, Black Lotus, Dreams of Demise, Snake Charmer, My Last Breath, Mauled by a Bear, Traverse the Abyss, Snipers of Babel

May 27

Gabo El De La Comision, Sin, Ambitious Caban, DJ Master Jerry

May 30


Orphaned Land, Ghost Ship Octavius , Aeternam, Turncloak, Fiakra

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